About Us

  • In 1975 , Pasquale and Pietro Di Gioia ( two brothers), founded a small family business calling it SVID. It is the beginning of a journey full of sacrifices, commitment and passion that sees in in the early years positioning itself on the market in the field of painting private but mainly public, particularly in the painting of buildings , offices and premises owned by Enel. After a few years , it takes a radical diversion of economic and professional resources in the field of anti corrosive, particularly in the painting of the pylons of high voltage. They are challenging but crucial years of steady growth that transform an insight into what it is still today the core business. The constant professional update, the continuing education of the productive forces together with targeted but steady investment,

have made the SVID a company now market leader in the paint in height. Qualified supplier and trust of all the company's construction of high voltage lines on pylons, in particular the largest Italian company management and distribution of electricity, the Italian Terna Rete SpA. Over the years the great dynamism and the continuing search for more room for growth , have led to an ever greater position in the varied world of industrial and naval painting not forgetting the civil one with a consequent increase of personnel, facility and operability. Today SVID is, in a consolidated manner, qualified supplier of many companies, with a trust in their professionalism constantly growing.