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The operating activity is structured for the application of anti corrosive treatments of ferrous structures of each type. From the kinds developed vertically to those environmental and territorial context of diverse and complex nature.

Painting pylons high voltage
Painting pylons high voltage

Characteristic structure: trellis used for the transmission of electrical current high voltage. Operating characteristics: made in connection with climbing operators across the vertical trellis system with a rope in an environment with high risk of electric and fall.

Sandblasting and painting penstocks for water transport
Sandblasting and painting penstocks for water transport.

Characteristic structure: generally constituted by pipes, iron or concrete, used for the transformation into electrical energy. Operating characteristics: work performed, with very high gradients, on rough terrain and with very low relative area of intervention.

Painting boilers
Painting boilers.

Characteristic structure: constituted by beams in lattice structure and machines for the process of transformation into electrical energy. Operating characteristics: working height generally carried on platforms.

Painting smokestacks
Painting smokestacks.

Feature structure: robust "shirt" cylindrical concrete containing one or more barrels for the release of smoke in the coal. Operating characteristics: work performed in height on platforms suspended by ropes (balance).

Painting electrical transformers
Painting electrical transformers.

Characteristic structure: current machines adapted to transfer electric current and change. Operating characteristics: work carried out in an electrical hazard with Enel.

SSandblasting and painting storage tanks oil and food
Sandblasting and painting storage tanks oil and food.

Characteristic structure: cylindrical container, generally in iron, of liquids developed in vertical generally used for the storage of fuel or food. Operating characteristics: work performed for outside height and the inner confinement Atex.

Sandblasting and painting metal girders
Sandblasting and painting metal girders.

Feature structure: beams, stringers, angular prefabricated com-posed of various types between them used normally in a RFI. Operating characteristics: work performed on platforms with environmental risk.

SSandblasting and painting naval structures
Sandblasting and painting naval structures.

Feature structure: boats cargo or part thereof (ballast tanks, water, diesel) marine piers, supporting pylons. Operational characteristics: machining operations carried out in the marine environment and in some cases confined, in the presence of factors of corrosion constant.

Further machining:
Application of protective coatings and intumescent flame retardant. From industrial structures for petrochemical plants, to buildings of various kinds, in cinemas, theaters, etc.. Maintenance civilians. Rehabilitation of concrete surfaces and concrete, plastering, painting.